How to cook liquid ketamine to crystal form


Bring 1 pot of water to boil (2 if your doing a whole 50ml bottle) place half (or 25ml) onto a normal ceramic plate.

Once the water has boiled, bring the temp down to a low setting and place the plate on top of the pot. (many of you may notice this is how you melt cooking chocolate)

(the reason I recommend using only half the bottle or 25ml is because any more takes longer to cook)

Within a few minutes you will see the edges turn to crystal. You can even watch as the Ketamine ‘skins’ over the top to look like a sheet of ice (ice as in frozen water) Leave this to ‘cook’ for about half an hour or so.

When you return look VERY closely to see if there are any little patches of bubbles bubbling up underneath. If so leave for another five min or so. If your NOT sure, just get a knife and scrape across the plate. if its cooked it will just all scrape off nicely. If you do this and you still see its a little wet, obviously it’s not done yet.

When its done, turn of the stove, grab a tea towel, lift up the plate and dry it underneath (and yes this will be hot so be careful) You can then get a razor or Card and scrape it into a nice little pile to do what you wish.