buy ketamine for chronic pain

Buy Ketamine for Chronic Pain

Ketamine has also been shown to have positive effects on chronic pain syndromes. Though the exact process has not been mapped out, ketamine influences pain in a variety of ways. Primarily, ketamine acts as an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor inhibitor. Neurogenic pain is greatly influenced by the NMDA-receptor system and, “antagonizing this system may be a useful way to obtain better pain control.” Ketamine also has anti-inflammatory effects as well as enhances the descending inhibition of pain. Studies have shown that infusion from 4-14 days can lead to long-term analgesic effects for up to 3 months. Some side effects include, “psychedelic symptoms (hallucinations, memory defects, panic attacks),  somnolence, cardiovascular stimulation and, in a minority of patients, hepatoxicity.” However, some studies have shown benzodiazepines are able to reduce the psychotropic side effects.



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